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What are In-App payments?

"In-App" may seem like a complicated, confusing word especially if you're already stressed by technology. If you're also concerned about spending, "In-App payment" sounds downright scary. Don't fret! We're here to explain what this is all about.

So what's an in-app purchase? Just that — a purchase you make inside an app after you've already downloaded it from the App Store. The payment you make is called an "In-App payment" — getting easier, right?

In line with this, here are some advantages:

  • Integration with main App stores such as iTunes for iOS and tvOS, Google Play for Android, Amazon Fire, and Roku
  • Customizable payment options: one-time or recurring billing
  • Use your favored payment method
  • Seamless checkout experience
  • Receipt sent for every transaction, lessening fraudulent activities
  • Buy with fewer clicks!

Keep in mind that because in-app purchases are conducted through a mobile device, unauthorized purchases can result in security issues. This is especially the case if the username and password used in the application are not strong or sensitive information is stored in the app in an insecure manner.

Remember, use your credit card responsibly.


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